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Trumps ”Deal of the Century” must be condemned and rejected!

Statement by Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark, APK
30. January 2020

US president Trump has presented a so-called peace plan. A plan demanding a total kneeling for apartheid Israel from the palestinians.

Trump’s ”peace plan” is, at its core, nothing else than an open support for an expansion of Israel’s zionist project. The plan, if implemented, will mean new steps of enlargement and consolidation in the direction of Israel’s plan for a Greater Israel furnished with speciel rights for jews. An apartheid Israel, where palestinians in their own country are only tolerated with a role as sub-humans. The plan gives palestinians the right to call some enclosed small enclaves/bantustans for Palestine, as in South Africa during the apartheid era.

A ”Deal of the Century” that was immediately rejected by all the Palestinian fractions and the Palestinian Authority.

A cynical agreement plan, which, this time not as before provides makeup in the form of ”concerns about universal principles and international law” while colonization and settlements continued.

This time, the plan is based on an attempt at palestinian subjugation based on ‘the power and right of the strongest’ in the best Trump and Netanyahu style: Giv up your legitimate precious rights for a bag of money!

An unified palestinian response is the reaction of the ”deal of the century”: Palestine is not for sale!

This is a plan that demands the palestinians to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and incorporate settlements and illegally occupied territories since 1967 as a part of Israel. Just as it has already done with Israel’s illegal incorporation of the Syrian Golan Heights. A plan that rejects refugees right to return from the diaspora, including from refugee camps around the Middle East.

Trumps ”Century plan” is, in effect, a war plan against the palestinian people and inalienable rights, with the United States and Israel allied with the most reactionary arab leaders, such as Saudi Arabia, who have pledged to contribute financielly to the US-Israeli plot. With a US and Israel currently representing the greatest dangers to world peace, and not least to the people of the Middle East.

For apartheid Israel, the common principle of recognizing palestinians as human beings with full and equal rights as other residents in their own country is a disaster for their racist project and expresses the essence of the israeli-palestinian conflict along with opposition to the legitimate rigth of return for refugees.

A reality of occupation and apartheid the world community for the last more than 50 years has just come up with resolutions against, but never has adopted any sanctions against. Despite the obvious violations of human and national rights.

All supporters of justice must globally support the unanimous palæestinian rejection of this stillborn ”Deal of the Century”.

It must mean increased resistance and confrontation against apartheid Israel, its occupation and colonization.
This must include stepping up global support for the BDS campaign for the Boycot of Apartheid Israel, as it happened against South Africa during the apartheid era.

A global movement on a palestinian initiativ build from below that is gaining more momentum – and therefore, more and more is being attacked by apartheid Israel under the pretext of anti-Semetism.

Boycot Israel! – Free Palestine!

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Trumps ”århundredets aftale” må fordømmes og forkastes!

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