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All Together against Capital

All Together against Capital was adopted as the programme of action of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK) at its Founding Congress, held in Copenhagen from the 20th to the 23rd of April 2000.

On the threshold of a new millennium, the global class struggle is characterized by the intensification of the offensive of imperialism and the monopolies with the slogan of “globalisation”, which means the absolute hegemony of imperialism and the multinationals over the workers, peoples and nations of the world. The offensive of imperialism and the monopolies has increased the social polarization all over the world, as well as dramatically increased the gap between rich and poor, and between rich and poor countries.

The offensive is being accompanied by a hypocritical “human rights”-demagogy, but imperialism and the monopolies themselves are the biggest violators of the individual and collective human rights. They are depriving the world’s workers their hard-won rights, destroying the gains of the revolutionary struggle of the working class and the peoples, and robbing the world’s countries and nations of the possibilities of an independent development.
US imperialism, in its “New World Order”, is heading the offensive of imperialism and is the number one enemy of the working class and the peoples, but also other big imperialist powers, as the European Union (EU), that is, the “United Europe of the monopolies”, Japan, Russia and aspiring, social-imperialist China, are each participating, in their own manner and according to their possibilities, in the offensive of imperialism.

The struggle between the imperialist powers for markets, raw materials and influence are being intensified by the international competition between the multinationals (transnationals), which all over the world have extended their business by giant mergers. The vast majority of these global giants are – even though they are called “multinationals” or “transnationals” – based in the US or in the largest EU countries.

The “New World Order” and the “globalisation” have lead to increasing instability, crises and wars. Capitalism is shaken by its recurrent economic crises of overproduction, which assume a more or less worldwide character. The economic crises combine with the general crisis of the capitalist world system and reinforce this crisis. The absolute and all-embracing capitalist world system cannot escape its internal contradictions, which are constantly being sharpened. Therefore, the danger of war, including wars between the imperialist powers, is growing, too.
The offensive of imperialism has resulted in new attacks on the international workers’ movement, the communist and revolutionary parties and all the revolutionary conquests of the twentieth century. Fascist and Nazi forces are being revived for terrorist purposes.

But the working class and the peoples all over the world have not passively accepted this wave of attacks. They have been resisting, carrying out powerful strikes, protest movements and political struggles against the reactionary and anti-worker policy of imperialism and the local regimes. In the developed, capitalist and imperialist countries, as well as in the dependent countries, the workers are waging extensive struggles and strikes in defence of their living conditions and their rights, Repressive regimes are collapsing as a result of the revolutionary struggle. At the same time, the resistance to the crisis policy of imperialism is developing on a mass scale internationally.

Big social struggles, not just of an economic nature, but still more pronounced of a political nature, are developing. The working class, the peoples and their parties and organizations, with the Marxist-Leninist communist parties at the head, are preparing for a new wave of anti-imperialist, national liberation struggles and proletarian revolutions.

Even though capitalist Denmark is ranked as one of the richest countries in the world, it is not capable of ensuring the great majority of the population real welfare. It cannot give the youth a secure future or give the growing number of pensioners a secure old age. The largest class of society, the working class, toils, at an increasingly exorbitant pace, in the factories, business, offices, and trade and transport, while mass unemployment is an inherent part of capitalist disorder. Economic, social and democratic rights, gained through more than a century of struggle, are being cut or wiped out.

Through the membership of the EU and NATO, Denmark’s big capital, its state and politicians try to get some of the crumbs from the table of the rich imperialist powers. In its hunt for profit, the ruling class and its alternating governments has given up an independent, national development in all fields, politically, economically as well as culturally. It has subjugated the country to the multinationals, international monopoly capital and its organs and instruments. More and more of the main branches of the national economy are getting under the control of foreign monopolies.

As a small imperialist country, capitalist Denmark participates in the exploitation and looting of the poor countries and peoples, of the vast majority of the inhabitants in the world. As an active participant in the wars of the EU and NATO, and as a police force for maintaining the imperialist “peace”, it plays a special role in the imperialist division of labour. The armed forces of Denmark have no longer the defence of the territory as their main task.

The EU has shaped course for the creation of the “United States of Europe”. The construction of a new imperialist superpower, with Germany as the most important country, is ongoing. The EMU and the single currency is a reality; the EU army is on the way. The last steps of the state superstructure, including joint legislation and government, are in the melting pot. The EU has become an active competitor in the struggle for world hegemony, struggling for matching the US economically, politically and militarily.

Despite the intense popular resistance, the ruling Danish bourgeoisie has succeeded in integrating Denmark in the EU and tying it to the neo-liberal EU. Denmark is no longer a sovereign and independent nation.

At the same time, the so-called Danish capitalist “welfare model” has been destroyed through competitive biddings, privatisations, and gradual undermining and deterioration of a number of arrangements of the social system. The labour market has been reorientated towards EU standards. A non-organized labour market of unemployed, who are forced to work with no union rights or rights whatsoever in order to get their unemployment and cash benefits, thereby undercutting other workers, has been created. For many years, day-care centres and all sides of the educational system have become poorer, and the health care system has fallen behind. As regards social security and pensions, there have been changes with a deep anti-social content. The level of services offered by the public sector has been systematically lowered. The tax burden on the great majority has been considerably increased, while the company tax and wealth tax have been lowered.

With actions ranging from strikes against competitive biddings and the deteriorating working conditions to general strike due to bad collective agreements, the working class and the broad masses have opposed the capitalist offensive benefiting the monopolies. Recipients of unemployment and cash benefits are rising, protesting the forced labour in order to receive their social benefits. Broad popular movements are arising against privatisations and competitive biddings, against the reductions in day care, of schools and the whole educational system, against closures of hospitals and other reductions in the public sector. Pensioners are turning against the extensive theft of their pensions, as is the case with the Social Pension Fund. Large movements are turning against the recurrence of Nazism and fascism, and against xenophobia and racism. The militarization and the wars of imperialism are being met with protests. And after nearly three decades of EU membership, the fight against the EU is undiminished.

The working class is the core of the projecting joint struggle against capital, a struggle which also comprises the unemployed, students, pensioners of different kinds, parts of the petty-bourgeois strata and other sections, who are being attacked by the offensive of the capitalist state. Altogether that makes more than two thirds of the population.

The capitalist offensive is being carried out by a united front of the government and parliamentary “opposition” by virtue of a permanent and identical propaganda in the all-dominant bourgeois media. And it is being carried out by virtue of the massive treachery of the upper stratum of the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and the trade union bureaucracy to the working class and its interests. Simultaneously, the ruling class is systematically trying to divide the working class and its allies and divert the growing political and social discontent in different directions, for example a xenophobic and racist one, among others. All large conflicts and struggles show that the “Trinity”, consisting of government, employers and upper trade union stratum, stand together against the general population.

If the struggle of the working class and the popular movements shall seriously be a threat to the ruling class and its policy, their fighting ability and organization must be strengthened. The struggle for defending the living conditions and hard-won rights – the economic struggle as a whole – must be increasingly combined with the political struggle against the capitalist governments, the capitalist state and the international monopoly capitalist and imperialist organisms.

All illusions about the capitalist parties and the capitalist politicians of the right, centre or “left”, taking care of the interests of the monopolies while presenting themselves as “democrats”, must be uprooted. Parties as the Liberal Party (Venstre) and the Conservative People’s Party (Det Konservative Folkeparti) have always been the government parties of the ruling class. They are supported by a number of other bourgeois parties, among these, the reactionary, populist Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti). The Social Democratic Party (Socialdemokratiet) is the alternative government party being preferred by monopoly capital, an instrument of ensuring the EU policy and the imperialist policy of aggression, of administrating the recurrent crises against the resistance of the workers. The modern Euro-social democracy has given up any independent reform project. It is in its biggest crisis ever, a strategic crisis, and an open adherent to the capitalist and imperialist system and the “United Europe of the monopolies” and the aggressive NATO alliance.

The Socialist People’s Party (SF) seeks to win the position as reformist party from the old social democracy, while it simultaneously constitutes a loyal support to the Social Democratic governments. Also, the Unity List (Enhedslisten), supporting the Social Democratic Party, participates in the Social Democratic treachery to the working class.

A precondition for progress in the struggle against the attacks of capital is a definitive break with all the parties of capital, a consistent break with the Social Democratic, reformist and revisionist policy of class co-operation. A complete break with the part of the trade union movement being under Social Democratic dominance, with the treacherous upper stratum of the LO and the trade union bureaucracy, is of special importance. The role of the trade unions as organizations of struggle fighting for the interests of the working class is long gone. Nevertheless, they are still the most important class organizations of the workers, and the greater part of the Danish workers are organized in these trade unions. The majority of the trade union members must be won for the policy of the class struggle, and the Social Democratic and revisionist trade union leaders must be combated and isolated.

The international solidarity between the working class and the peoples all over the world is getting more and more importance. They face the same enemy: imperialism, its monopolies, their dictates and aggressions. The developments in all countries, on all continents, will have immediate consequences for the workers and peoples in other countries and regions. The political and organizational bonds between the struggling workers and peoples must be developed into a joint front against imperialism.

It is only on the surface that there is social and political stability in Denmark. The time when Denmark appeared to be an oasis of class peace and social rest is forever gone. Under the surface, different political and social forces are preparing for the coming trials of strength.

In this situation, the struggle of the working class and the great majority must have the following main directions:

Stop the Monopolies, the Bureaucrats and the Pro-EU Politicians!
No to the “United Europe of the Monopolies”!
Denmark out of the EU!

In its essence, the EU is the project of big capital, solely benefiting the interests of the monopolies, the bureaucrats and the pro-EU politicians. It is not for the benefit of the European people or the peoples in the world even though it is being sold as the guarantee for “peace” and “progress”, “democracy and “human rights”. The anti-popular, undemocratic and anti-worker character of the EU cannot hide.

In the global capitalist competition, the European monopolies are facing a still more fierce battle. In the course of half a century and in order to be in a stronger position, they have been building a “still closer” European union. They have reached a lot as regards supranational state construction: joint government and legislation, joint foreign policy, joint domestic policy in all essential fields, single currency, the EMU, the euro and a central bank, joint army and police, and the continental domestic market and tariff barriers against the rest of the world as the basis of the EU. The EU tries to create a new “European” national identity among its “union citizens” and is moving towards the “United States of Europe”.

‘The EU is developing into a new imperialist superpower, competing with the US and the other imperialist powers for world hegemony.

The EU has meant and means a political, economic and social restructuring of a large part of Europe in the interests of the ruling monopolies and the leading Great Powers. The EU is based on the “liberties” of the monopolies, as the free mobility of capital, goods and labour force. The leading monopolies demand free access to the resources of all member countries, systematically destroying old frontiers and nation states in favour of a regional and union development, which advances the growth and dominance of the European monopolies. To a small country like Denmark, this means a rapid destruction of the traditional political, economic and cultural structures and institutions, including the reduction of the role of the national parliament to a kind of county council. An independent development on a national basis is impossible. The EU forces a multinational and multiethnic integration, which is not based on the needs of the peoples and nations, but on the needs of the monopolies for growth and maximal profit.

The EMU and the euro do not mean higher real wages, but an increasing pressure on the real wages in a downward direction and an increased competition for the jobs among the workers.

The EMU and the euro do not mean a reduction of the unemployment, but a constant, high unemployment and the creation of a still more flexible labour market, which undermines the normal working hours and the normal working week, forces the working intensity, and removes the hard-won union rights. They also imply the existence of a non-organized labour market of unemployed who are forced to work, in the private as well as in the public sector, in order to get their unemployment benefit or cash benefit. The EMU means the reduction of unemployment benefits and pensions and socio-political adjustments in the direction of a still higher level of self-financing. They create an ever more superfluous “surplus population”, living near the subsistence level. At the same time, they mean the privatisation and competitive biddings of more and more of the public sector for the benefit of private profit.

The workers and peoples are the ones who are forced to pay for the war adventures of the EU, called “peace keeping missions” and the like, and for the continuous militarization for the benefit of the military industry.
In the EU, the profits of the monopolies stand above all other concerns, including the concern for the environment and the human beings, despite all the talk about a “social dimension”, a “charter of human rights”, etc.

Therefore, the workers and the peoples are against the EMU and the EU state, against the euro and militarization, against privatisations, lowering real wages and cuts in the social system, and fight all steps towards an EU state. The EU and the EU state cannot be changed into benefiting the workers and the broad masses. They are and remain an instrument in the hands of the monopolies. The struggle against the EU and for its dissolution, and the struggle against the monopolies, is one and same thing.

No to the EMU and the euro!
No to the EU state!
No to militarization and the EU army!

An independent development on a national basis is only possible for Denmark outside the EU. The fight against the EU state and for getting Denmark out of the EU is also a struggle for regaining national self-determination.

The Struggle of the Working Class for Its Rights

The workers’ struggle for union and economic rights, for shorter working hours and higher salaries at the expense of profit, increasingly turns against not just the Danish bourgeoisie and its state, but against the monopolies and the EU state, too.

The strengthening of the line of class struggle at the workplaces and in the trade union movement, of the workers’ unity on the basis of class struggle, and a break with the policy of class conciliation and co-operation of the LO, are preconditions for results in the daily defensive struggle. The solidarity with struggling workers fighting capital in strikes and actions must increasingly be extended.

The solidarity with the out-casts of the labour market, the unemployed receiving unemployment benefit and cash benefit, respectively, is decisive for the struggle of the whole working class.

Lower the working hours – reintroduce the normal working hours!
Towards a 30-hours working week with full salary compensation!
Fight increased flexible working hours and other methods of increasing the working intensity and weakening the force of the working class!

Stop the time pressure, which is forced on the workers today!

General increases of salary at the expense of profit! Minimum wage at 100 Dkr an hour!
Away with the “New Salary” and other methods of weakening the workers’ solidarity!
Substantial increases of the salaries of the apprentices and youth workers!

Regular jobs for everybody! Away with forced labour for receiving social benefits!
Set up new jobs with normal collective agreements and full union rights to the unemployed!
Fight the non-organized labour market!
Fight the unemployment, not the unemployed!
Unemployed shall not be used for undercutting other workers!

General increase of the unemployment benefit and cash benefit!
Automatic cost-of-living adjustment proportional to the salaries obtained at the collective bargaining!
Away with all restrictions of the right to receive unemployment benefit!

Equal pay – stop the discrimination of women on the labour market!

Stop the discrimination of the immigrants and their descendants on the labour market!

Stop the privatisation of the public sector for the benefit of the monopolies and their profits!

Abolish all limitations of the right to strike!
Away with the class court, The Labour Court – away with the industrial arbitration!

Social Restoration

The capitalist public sector is a profitable field for speculation, abuse of power, corruption and private profit. For the sake of the EU adjustment and the monopoly profits, the public sector and services have been reduced for a number of years, while the needs for them grow constantly. They have been cut by privatisations, social cuts in public expenditure and user’s pay in all fields. More and more fields are being put under the direct control of the monopolies. There are ever-growing social differences in the access to education and all other public services.

The privatisations and competitive biddings must be stopped. The user’s pay must be abolished.

The quality of the public sector and its services must be considerably increased and be at the disposal of the entire population.

All transfer payments are constantly being lowered, and the field of pensions has become a new field for extensive theft committed by the alternating governments.

Good and free public day-care centres for all children!
Free schools, high schools and further and higher education of high quality!

Restoration of the educational system! Free access to education!

No to the full-time school! The children must be given back their after-school centres!

Free medical and dental treatment! Sufficient and free public hospitals of high international standards! Subsidies to the medicine users – not the medical industry!

Stop the closures of hospitals – ensure local public hospitals and medical centres in all areas!
More good, up-to-date old peoples’ homes! More psychiatric care and treatment offers to the disabled!
Free access to health care for all!

Good and free public libraries! Free public museums and other high quality cultural offers to the population! Support the development of the popular art and culture!

Cheap access to the Internet for all! Equal access to culture and sports for all!
Stop the commercialisation of culture and sports! Stop the commercial pollution!
Stop the private sponsoring of research!

Reorganize the energy consumption towards renewable energy sources!
Develop high quality public transport everywhere in the country!
Prohibit the use of polluting and harmful substances in food and industrial production!
Extend the public recreational areas and the access to nature and nature experiences! Ensure good urban areas with a good environment!
For jobs, good schools and culture, also in the rural areas and outskirts!
Stop the environmental destruction! Let the polluters pay!

More, better and cheaper housing! Abolish the housing shortage – good and healthy housing for everybody!
Stop the speculators and the gazumpers! For a considerable decline of the general level of the rent!

Improvement of the early retirement pension and the early retirement allowance! For the right to the early retirement allowance at the age of sixty!
Increase of the pension, covering fully the rate of inflation and price increase! Abolish the law of rate regulation!
Stop the theft of the Social Pension Fund – pay the money as tax-free additional pension!
Free domiciliary care for all pensioners who need it!
For a considerable increase of the company tax! Reintroduce and increase the wealth tax! Abolish all economic aid to capital! End Denmark being a tax haven for the multinationals!
Introduce considerable progressive taxation! Abolish the value added tax and all other indirect taxes having an anti-social content!

Full Equality and Liberation of the Women

Last century’s repression of women continues in the new millennium. Despite the law of equal pay and formal equality, the women are still an oppressed sex on the labour market and in the society in general. This specially holds for working women.

While the women of the political elite consider the introduction of a quota system, when picking out top leaders, as the big question, the rest of the women still work in the majority of the unskilled and low-paid jobs in the private and public sector. To all these women, the question is that the development is taking the wrong road. The unequal pay between men and women is growing as a result of the new individual wage systems and the payment by merit, clearly disqualifying women as regards their economic existence. The working women are increasingly getting the record in unemployment and expulsion from the labour market. Many single mothers are being trapped in the poverty trap at a standard of living below the official poverty line and are left without real possibilities for improving their situation. Even in the old age, the women are discriminated as regards pension, just because they are women.

Economically and socially, it is increasingly becoming more and more difficult for women to manage both the flexible labour market and the flexible family.

A continuous reactionary ideological offensive is being waged, through e.g. commercials and pornography, picturing the woman as a sexual object and thereby constantly contributing to make gaps between the sexes.
Women’s struggle is class struggle.

Real equal access to education and jobs and the right to both family and work – on equal terms with men! Considerable development of the public services to families with dependent children!

The economic discrimination of women, young as well as old, must be stopped now!

Defend the right of free abortion and the right to have children!

Give the Youth a Future

The youth is being praised as the future of society. But the praise is only for the youth of the bourgeoisie. When it comes to the youth of the working class, its position has been deteriorated over the years. In the schools, the youth is being taught to become a disciplined labour force for the monopolies. Allegedly, all young people have equal opportunities, but despite all the talk about the opposite, a number of social mechanisms, which hinder the working class youth, especially children of unskilled workers, in getting qualifying education on different levels, are still in function.

In general, the youth is being used as sweaters on the labour market and discriminated through special anti-social youth regulations. A large part of the young people have been screened out from the labour market and are now living as social losers on cash benefit and being forced to work for receiving it.

A hard war is being waged against the brains and bodies of the youth. The ideological aggression of the monopolies and the media is trying to create a standardized youth of competing individualists according to the saying “everybody is the architect of his own fortune”, while a part of the youth is being drugged by drugs and alcohol.

At the same time, the Danish youth is being sent out in wars outside the borders of the country – in The International Brigade, in aggressions of NATO, and in the coming EU army.

Education places and training places for all young people!
Substantial increase of the salary of apprentices and of the study grants!
Full allowance for all young unemployed! No to young people being sweaters!
Full social rights for young people under the age of twenty-five – stop discrimination because of age!
Cheap housing for all young people!
Stop the ideological aggression against the youth!
The young women shall not be victims of an affected ideal of women!

Stop Xenophobia, Discrimination and Racism!
Ban on Nazism and Fascism!

Reaction tries to make use of, and deepen, the contradictions between Danes and immigrants and refugees, and is dreaming about ethnic riots in order to split the struggle of the working class and the great majority against the offensive of reaction. But the unity between Danish and foreign workers is growing. It is continuously being confirmed that the way forward, as regards a line for the integration of the immigrants and refugees in Danish society, is the line of integration on a non-religious, secular basis.

Forced assimilation, ghettoisation and barbaric campaigns of expulsion are some of the methods that are used by reaction in order to sow the division.
Therefore we must demand:

Stop the ghettoisation of whole neighbourhoods, town districts and schools!
Equal access to work, education and housing! Special measures to ensure a positive integration of immigrants!
Ensure Danish lessons!

As part of the offensive of reaction against the working class as a whole, fascist and Nazi groups are being revived, functioning as the spearhead in racist and anti-worker assaults and terror actions and receiving government grants for running local radios, making fortifications around the country, and through provoking marches, they seek to cause violent confrontations.

Stop the government aid to Nazi activity! Shut down the Nazi fortifications! Stop the Nazi marches!

Ban on Nazi organizations, propaganda and activity!

Stop rearmament and militarization!
Denmark out of NATO!
No to the EU army!

The US-led NATO is the most powerful military power in the world. Through NATO, aggressions of the US and imperialism are carried out everywhere in the world. Denmark joined NATO, motivating its affiliation by saying that NATO was a defensive alliance that should hinder attacks on its member countries. Under the “New World Order”, NATO has revealed its character as an instrument of aggression in a number of wars around the globe, from the Persian Gulf to the former Yugoslavia – far away from the borders of its member countries.

The atomic strategy of NATO allows using nuclear weapon not only against countries possessing nuclear weapons, but also against those without. NATO is an instrument for espionage, aggression and subversion everywhere, also against the populations in the countries of the alliance, and it can change into an occupying power.

The Danish membership of NATO means constant rearmament and militarization and Danish participation in imperialist aggressions, camouflaged as “peace keeping operations”.

Fight NATO! Denmark out of NATO! NATO out of Denmark!

In spite of the rejection of the Western European Union (WEU) and the coming EU army by the Danish population, Danish participation in this new military instrument of the EU is being prepared without hesitation.
The military aspect of the EU is an instrument of forcing the imperialist interests of the EU by military means and constitutes an important side of the superpower development of the EU.
It is not in the interest of the Danish working class or the population in general to increase Denmark’s participation in imperialist military alliances and war adventures which mean increased militarization, increased rearmament and new wars paid by the peoples. On the contrary, it is in the interest of the nation to break with the imperialist military alliances in favour of a policy of neutrality.

Stop the militarization of the EU! No to Danish participation in the WEU and the EU army!
Not a cent and not a man to the imperialist armies!

United Front against Imperialism

It is imperialism, which constitutes the most important obstacle to peace and social progress in the world. Therefore, the workers and peoples are uniting in one united front against imperialism.
The Danish working class and the Danish people are entangled in every kind of imperialist organisms against which they have to fight if they want to gain true social progress and development on an independent and national basis. The fight against imperialism is waged – also in small imperialist countries like Denmark – as the fight against the imperialist organisms, the war adventures of imperialism and Danish participation in these.
As a small imperialist power, Denmark has a colonial past and a historical backlog, too: For decades, the Faroese and Greenlandic peoples have fought for national self-determination. This struggle must be acknowledged and supported. The acknowledgement of the national self-determination also means:

The acknowledgement of the right to complete secession from Denmark if the Faroese and Greenlandic peoples wish it!

In imperialism’s offensive against the liberty of the peoples and the sovereignty of the nations in the age of “New World Order” and globalisation, a number of organisms benefiting the monopolies and forcing its dictates, are being developed.

Fight the IMF, the WTO and the World Bank and all other instruments of imperialism!
Fight the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investments) and other imperialist dictates!

A number of countries are special targets of imperialism because they in a number of fields have turned against and fought imperialism. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to practise anti-imperialist solidarity with these countries being boycotted and fought by the imperialist powers, which also threaten them with direct military aggression.

Solidarity with Cuba, North Korea and other countries being threatened by imperialism!

The anti-imperialist struggle is growing on all continents, for example the struggle of the Latin American peoples against dollarisation and US intervention.

Solidarity with the struggles of the peoples against US imperialism and every kind of imperialism!

A number of nations and peoples have not gained even formal independence or recognition of their national rights after years of struggle. This holds for the Palestinian and Kurdish peoples, among others. Other countries and peoples are again being chained by imperialism and are rising in struggle for regaining their rights.

International solidarity with the national liberation movements!

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