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About the APK

The Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (in Danish Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne, abbreviated APK) was founded at the Founding Congress, held in Copenhagen, April 20 – 23, 2000.

In may 2012 the 5th Conges was held – see Political statement

The Founding Congress of the APK adopted the general programme, “The Manifesto for a Socialist Denmark“, the programme of action, All Together against Capital, as well as the statutes of the APK.

The objective of the APK is to organize the working class as a class, destroy imperialism, overthrow the bourgeoisie from power and establish the state of the working class, that is, a socialist Denmark under the rule of the working class, without exploitation and private ownership of the means of production. Ultimately, the objective is communism throughout the whole world.

The organizational principle of the APK is democratic centralism.

Historically, the APK is the product of the struggle against modern revisionism and for saving Marxism-Leninism in Denmark, from the 1960s and onward.

The Party-Building Communist Organization October (Oktober), which emerged from the Communist Party of Denmark (Marxist-Leninist) (DKP/ML) after its 7thCongress in 1997 and following revisionist degeneration, played a major role in the preparations for the APK and was dissolved with the founding of the APK.

The central organ of the APK is the Kommunistisk Politik (Communist Policy) with a daily internet edition

The youth organization of the APK is the Communist Youth League of Denmark (DKU)

The official home page of the APK is

The APK is part of the international Marxist-Leninist communist movement that was created and developed in the struggle against modern revisionism, and bases itself on the immortal teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

The APK is a member of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations that publishes the biannual journal Unity & Struggle.

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