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The Workers Communist Party of Denmark (APK) has celebrated its 4th Congress

On the 9th and 10th of April 2009 the APK, member of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations  (ICMLPO), celebrated its 4th Congress in Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark

The congress took place at a time where the international economic crisis is forcefully hitting Denmark with fast growing unemployment rates, bankruptcies of companies and smaller banks, foreclosures of houses and apartments, the owners not being able to pay the rent and loans, as well as a great many others consequences of the crisis, mainly affecting the workers and their living conditions.

This situation did not come as a surprise for the APK, as our last congress 2,5 year ago stated that we were at the top of the economic boom, and that a crisis would soon follow, and that this crisis would not short term, but will last for years, as the crisis was postponed by expenditures for the imperialist wars, easy loans and artificial economic bubbles as the one in the housing sector.

The Congress discussed and agreed on a general political resolution about the present situation and the tasks of the Party, and adopted a special program against crises, war and reaction with the title “We will NOT pay for the crisis of capital”, which underlines that the working class is not responsible for this crisis and shouldn’t be the victims of it either. The working class must mobilize and fight for its rights and living conditions against the predatory capitalist policy of crisis of robbing the poor and giving to the rich.

It specifically addressed the present political situation, where the Danish international war criminal prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen resigned from his post to become the head of the warmongering imperialist NATO organization, without calling for elections, leaving the present right wing two party government coalition, that has the support of the racist and xenophobic Dansk Folkeparti, in power with the former minister of finance Lars Løkke Rasmussen at the head.

The congress called for intensifying the efforts to topple this criminal government, without nurturing any illusions about the coalition of Social Democrats and leftist People’s Socialist Party, thatr would replace it.

The Congress further decided on an extensive elaboration of our “Program of Action”, adopted at the founding Congress in 2000, including the experiences of the past decade of imperialist wars under the pretext of ‘war against terror’,  of reactionary anti-terror legislation and steps towards the police state, the failed racist policy of assimilation and the climate and environmental crises.

The Congress also adopted a resolution on socialism as the perspective and the final way out of the present capitalist crises and the general crises of this obsolete system. This will enforce our unity and strengthen our propaganda around this subject that we believe is central to the struggle of the working class in the upcoming years.

Both documents will continue to be discussed in the party and around it, including among members of the communist youth league DKU, sympathizers of the party, interested workers and ‘partners in struggle’.

The Congress also adopted some smaller statements – among those a call to vote at the June elections for the candidates of the People’s Movement against the European Union (Folkebevægelsen mod EU), the Danish anti-EU list, that has been represented in the socalled European Parliament since the first elections to that forum.

It also issued a call to participate in the protests against the false and hypocritical climate summit “COP15” in December in Copenhagen and giving the protest an anti-capitalistic character.

The basic political and organizational platform of the ICMLPO ‘On the International Situation and Our Tasks’ was presented to the Congress in the Danish edition.

The congress marked a positive shift in generations as a new generation of cadres, mainly former youth league leaders, were central figures in the celebration of the congress and will be central figures in the new Central Committee. One of them is the new spokesman of the Party Troels Riis Larsen, former chairman of DKU.

The Party’s chairman since its foundation in 2000, Comrade Dorte Grenaa, resigned as chairman. She was reelected to the Central Committee. Comrade Klaus Riis continues as editor of the Party newspaper Communist Politics.

The 4th Congress was a great success for our party and was held in an optimistic atmosphere with a strong belief in coming advances of the Party and the struggle of the working class, and in a revolutionary spirit of class struggle, strongly reaffirming and strengthening itself throughout all of the congress.

Copenhagen April 17th 2009

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