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“Terror War” – No!

People! Be on the alert!
Julius Futsjik

The world’s political climate was changed at a stroke when suicide pilots crashed into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
The US government has sworn revenge and retaliation, and declared “world war against terrorism”. In 24 hours, the NATO countries had rallied round the US, and the world is now waiting for the war.
The psychological preparations for war are in full swing, in the US, and in all the NATO countries, including Denmark. And the practical preparations for war have started, in the US, and in all the NATO countries, including Denmark.

US imperialism has committed monstrous crimes against the peoples and has millions of lives on its conscience. Especially in the Middle East, the hatred of the US is immense. What happened on September 11 was, most likely, an action and part of a real and constant war, which especially the US and Israel have been waging against the Arab and Muslim peoples, and was carried out by people who are waging “holy war” against the US. Neither the methods nor the objective of these people have the support of the working class and the peoples, and do not lead to advance their struggle for social progress and national independence.
Instead, the suicide bombings in the US serve to strengthen the political positions of reaction, to undermine the democratic rights and promote the fascization not only of the US, but of all Western societies, too. They give imperialism and reaction a pretext for leading the world into a permanent, reactionary, dividing, global aggression, which can soon make the lost human lives in the US look minor.

It is a deadly serious situation, and everybody must be on the alert – on top alert: The natural compassion with the victims in the US is being used to drag the peoples into a master war in which all countries of the world can become theatres of war, a war headed by George Bush’s US to whom a carte blanche of war has been given by the NATO countries, including Denmark. With this, Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen has in reality handed over the sovereignty of Denmark to the Americans.
For the first time, the Article 5 of the Washington Treaty is used – the “one for all and all for one” article. This happens contrary to international law, which implies that there must be an aggressor state for a situation of war to exist.
Bush and Co. chooses to wage “terror war” instead of trying to bring the culprits to justice, as would have happened in an international community founded on the rule of law. The charge, verdict and executioning function are all in the hands of the same political and military power.

What kind of war is the US, heavily seconded by Israel, setting the stage for? The war is being pictured as a “global war against terrorism”, as “the war of Western civilisation against its enemies” (with Christian and Zionist fundamentalist overtones), and as “democracy’s fight against dictatorships, terror states and religious fanaticism”.

George Bush has declared “the US will not distinguish between terrorists and countries harbouring them”. US politicians and military people have not only mentioned Afghanistan as a possible target, but also Iraq, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Cuba – and China! This looks more like “the war of the West against the Third World”, the war of the rich countries against the poor countries. It will give the aggressive Israel a free hand to continue its criminal occupation of Palestine, to make it permanent, and to continue the ethnic cleansing of a whole people. Officially, Israel regards the Palestinian organizations as ” terrorist organizations” and sees every Palestinian infant as a potential terrorist.

In the words of Bush lies that tomorrow the war can begin against Osama Bin Laden and Afghanistan, and the day after tomorrow continue against Iraq, or Libya or Cuba, and later on against China.
In the words of Bush lies that it will be a long-standing, Western battlefield, a period of many warm wars and military operations and a continuing “fight against terrorist groups” – a period of permanent “world war against terrorism”.

It is not a plan for justice, peace and prosperity. It is the draft of a nightmare for humanity, simply a draft of world war.

Maybe Osama Bin Laden and his fundamentalist network are behind the bombings in New York and Washington. The US and the CIA know him and his methods very well: They have created, financed and armed him themselves during the invasion of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union.

The major part of the Muslim and Arab world denounces Bin Laden and his methods, denounces extremist Muslim fundamentalism. But with the introduction of the “global war against terrorism”, the stage is being set for a racial and religious war, which will create hatred of all Arabs and Muslims.

The victims in the Middle East, Asia and in the Third World will be enormous. The victims in the Western world, also victims of acts of terror whose possibility can never be eliminated, no matter the high-tech weapons and control measures being used, will be considerable. And the world will be plunged into a state of permanent horror and terror.
Comprehensive control and surveillance programmes will replace the democratic rights, which have been won in the Western countries. And the charge of terrorism will be extended to apply to all workers struggling for their rights, to all forces who fight imperialism and capitalism, all revolutionaries and progressive people, organizations and movements.
Unrestrained rearmament, the implementation of the star war project, increased militarization and extended police programmes are on the immediate agenda.

The whole world capitalist system – and there do not exist any truly socialist countries in today’s world – is on the way to a bigger crisis, a capitalist world crisis. Globalisation, which has very quickly spread mass misery around the world with more than two billion people living for less than two dollars a day, is in crisis because of the resistance of the workers and peoples. In one country after another, mass protests and mass struggles are developing against the ruling order that is being dictated by the US and its allies, by the IMF and the World Bank, by the EU, etc. Even in the rich world, strong, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movements are developing. Revolutionary situations are arising on all continents.
The “global war against terrorism” is meant to suppress this revolutionary storm in its beginning, to consolidate the ruling order, to consolidate the status of the US as the dominant global superpower, and ensure the multinationals’ eternal exploitation of the workers, the peoples and the riches in all countries.

People! Be on the alert!
Reject the war project of US imperialism and NATO!

Working people and all progressive people in Denmark:
Stop the Danish participation in the criminal adventure!

September 13, 2001

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

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