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The Danish People Must Break with Israel

The nefarious and cowardly terrorist murder of Abu Ali Mustafa, general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the escalating and massive attacks on the Palestinian territories, the seizure of the full control with the whole of Jerusalem and the barbaric economic strangulation of the Palestinians, who are left without water, medicine, etc., show that Israel has not accepted and will not accept that the Palestinians build a viable and independent state. Sharon’s military and economic aggression expresses that Israel has been pretending to negotiate “peace”.

The “peace process” has been killed by Sharon and his government and by the Israeli army using advanced weapons delivered by the US.
The Israeli aggression has been taking place under the shelter of the US superpower, which has tacitly approved and accepted it, thereby contributing to a steady escalating aggression, which is increasing the tension in all the Middle East and threatening to throw the whole area into a new war.

The barbaric Israeli repression has not, however, resulted in the resignation of the Palestinian resistance. The Palestinians are fighting for their survival as a people and as a nation, while Israel is carrying out the biggest ethnic cleansing since the Second World War. They are waging a desperate battle with stones and suicide bombs against a tremendously superior, high-tech military power.

On September 28, the present Intifada has been ongoing for one year, and it has become more and more obvious to the peoples of the world that the Palestinians are fighting for a just cause, while Israel, contrary to international law and UN resolutions, will hinder that the Palestinians get their legitimate, national and democratic rights fulfilled.

It is about time that the Palestinians see that the increasing worldwide sympathy grows into a concrete support to their Intifada and their just struggle. If the Danish government does not want to break with Israel, then the Danish people must do it.

In Denmark, as well as all over the world, a powerful solidarity movement with the Palestinian people is developing, basing itself on the following demands:

Stop the massacre in Palestine – support the Intifada!

Immediate withdrawal of the Zionist occupying forces!

For the right of return for all Palestinian refugees!

For the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people, including the right to the creation of an independent and sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital!

Boycott Israeli goods and tourism!

The Danish people supported the Jews against the Nazi persecution. Today’s solidarity movement is turning against a new genocide, committed by the aggressive Israeli state.

August 28, 2001

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

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