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Stop the prosecution of Selma Gürkan and members of EMEP for speaking out for peace and democracy

Selma Gürkan, the chairwoman of EMEP

We strongly condemn the attempt of the Turkish state and government to silence the Turkish peoples’ demand for peace and democracy

We strongly condemn the attempt to silence the EMEP and the EMEP chairwoman Selma Gürkan and the trial against her for speaking out against the war waged by the Turkish government and imperialist powers in Syria, in Afrin, as “terrorist propaganda”.
Selma Gürkan is international well known for her positions on peace and democracy for the people of Turkey and the world.
We too join the international protest movement against this attack against democratic rights in Turkey and will spread the call for solidarity also in Denmark. As well as the demand for the liberation of all political prisoners in Türkey.
We want to express our solidarity and support in this international struggle.
The Workers Communist Party of Denmark 28.10.18
Oktober 28th 2018

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