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Mexico’s Kommunistiske Parti (marxister-leninister)’s 7. kongres fastlagde parties politik i forhold til den aktuelle situation med skærpet klassekamp, store protestbevægelser, immigrantkaravanen fra Honduras, der nu er fanget ved grænsen mellem USA og Mexico og en nyvalgt socialdemokratisk præsident, der med sine store valgløfter har skabt nye illusioner om forandringer.

APK – der ligesom Mexicos Kommunistiske Parti (marxister-leninister) er medlem af CIPOML – Den internationale konference af marxist-leninistiske partier og organisationer – sendte nedenstående hilsen til kongressen:


On the joyous occasion of the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Mexico (marxist-leninist) we send our warm greetings, wishing this important congress complete success in fulfilling its tasks as a step towards the proletarian revolution in your country.
As the vanguard detachment of the Mexican working class the CPM(m-l) has build itself along proletarian class lines, faithfully adhering to the great teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin as the Mexican detachment of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations, courageously fighting in the front rows of class struggle.

In these times of sharpening of alle basic contradictions and renewed attacks of imperialism on the peoples – with US-imperialism and D. Trump at the head – the task of creating a broad and combative popular united front assumes major importance and we wish you new advances in the building af this front following your Congress.

The combative friendship between the CPM(m-l) and APK – the Workers Communist Party of Denmark – is strong and has developed positively on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism.

Fraternal greetings to all the delegates to the Congress and all members of your party !

Long live the 7th Congress of th Communist Party of Mexico (marxist-leninist)!

Long live the friendship between our Parties!

Long live CIPOML!

Glory to Marxism-leninism!

On behalf of the Central Comittee of the Workers Communist Party of Denmark

Dorte Grenaa

Copenhagen November 10th 2018



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