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Greetings to CIPOML – 6th Congress of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark APK

The 6th Congress of APK, held in Copenhagen May 2015,  sends its militant revolutionary greetings to the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations and our brother/sister organizations in all continents, struggling for a better future for the workers and the peoples, for revolution and socialism.

Our 6. Congress was held in a spirit of revolutionary optimism and  of unity with a clear understanding that the class struggle will be intensified during the next years, nationally and internationally.

It drew the balance of the work during the last three years, stressing that the Party has been strengthened in terms of quality and numbers, and is in a positive situation for further advances.

The unprecedented capitalist offensive, the incessant imperialist warmongering and the danger of war in Europe, arising from such hot spots as the struggle over Ukraine, the emerging police states in Europe and the rise of fascist and nazi forces – all these factors and more talk about the sharpening of the class struggle. This is also seen from the rise of the mass struggles of the workers and peoples, manifested in strikes and protests of a pronounced political character. We move toward new clashes and confrontations of the social forces.

The neoliberal European Union is a tool in the hands of the monopolies and the capitalist rulers. It has dictated and dictates a further decrease in the wages and minimum wages of the workers and decisive cuts in the social budgets, pensions, unemployment benefits and other minute offers for a large percent of the population that are out of jobs and have no future. The strata of ‘working poor’ is growing in numbers all over, while poverty and hunger again is knocking on the doors of both old and young outside the labour market.

In Denmark the  to two political blocs – the ‘red’ alliance led by social democrats and the blue alliance led by the liberal party together with the right populist and other bourgeois forces  ‘- have both declared that the Danish economy has escaped the economic crises that erupted in 2008 and har destroyed tens of thousands of work places.  It is true, that the profits of the capitalists have reached new heights, but the workers and people have been impoverished by the crises. The public sector has been severyly attacked by a series of neoliberal austeríty reforms and cutbacks in all areas.

On the threshold of general parliamentary elections both blocs are trying to get support for their particular version of  more of the same, more neoliberal reforms, more attacks on the workers’ rights, further dismembering of the so called welfare state – that was once promoted as a global model, but by now has been almost eradicated. Therefore our Party appeal to reject both these two bourgeois  government alternatives and vote blank.

Our Party has confirmed and endorsed the tactics of the workers’ united front against the capitalist offensive and of the popular front against crisis, war, fascism and reaction. It will firmly pursue this course, taking new initiatives and promoting new advances, whenever possible, seeing the working class as the base also of the popular front.

We strongly support the People’s Movement Against the European Union, that is represented in the so called European Parliament, and strives to prevent further development and integration into the European Union and the euro, and struggles to get Denmark out of the EU. We also strongly and actively support the anti war movement and the struggle to stop the imperialist wars and Danish participation, the armament race with new and ever more sophisticated weapons for aggression  and the militarization of society.

In order to strengthen these struggles the Congress has adapted a new program of action as well as a specific platform for the progressive struggle the rights of refugees and migrants. It also adopted a number of resolutions concerning the elections, the work to pull back the neoliberal reforms and defend and advance the workers’ rights, the struggle against war and against the European Union as well as the struggle of the youth and the strengthening of the Communist Youth League DKU.

The Congress was prepared for almost a year with new analysis’ and intensive Party discussions and debates that has strengthened it ideologically, politically and also organizationally. A part of this discussion  has centered on the question  of building a socialist society and the only alternative to decaying capitalism. This discussion is going to continue as a broad public debate in the coming period.

The Congress adopted the Report of the Central Committee and elected a new Central Committee. Comrade Dorte Grenaa  who was chairman of the Party 2000-2008 has again been appointed as its leader.

The 6th Congress of APK hails the achievements of the ICMLPO/CIPOML during its existence as an indispensable tool of the global struggle for revolution and socialism, firmly based on the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, preparing for victory. We are proud to be a part of this great army of the revolution and will fight to fulfill our duties.

Long live the 6th Congress of the Workers Communist Party of Denmark!

Long live the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Glory to Marxism-Leninism!
Copenhagen May 2015

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