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Defend the No! No Nice Treaty! Nice Means More Union!

Three times, we Danes have voted no. Nevertheless, the government and the yes-parties are working intensely to defy the content of the no vote, paving the way for more Union with the upcoming Nice Treaty.

For the Nice Summit in December, the decision on the introduction of majority voting is being prepared. This means away with the right of veto and accepting interference in the fiscal and social policies of every single country. Also, there is scheduled more power to Germany and France due to the fact that they get more votes as the minor countries get fewer, and due to the accept of them running at full speed, making more Union in order to demand later that the rest of the EU follows them. The accept of interfering in the internal affairs of every single EU member state through the adoption of a Union charter is also on the agenda in Nice.

To the Union politicians, promises exist to be broken. Today, all parties of the Folketing (the national parliament) are involved in Denmark’s adjustment to the EU: The Socialist People’s Party is supporting the Nice mandate of the government, the Unity List (Red-Greens) is supporting the state budget for 2001, adapted to the demands of the EU, and Danish People’s Party will support a future openly bourgeois Union government.

Fundamentally speaking, the no of the September 28 referendum was a no to the Union slide – a no to more Union. It was a no to the abolition of the veto and the transition to majority decisions, a no to Union harmonization, also of fiscal, social and domestic policies.

It was a no to the “United States of Europe” with its own state, government, currency and military, and which is still under way, even though the Danish workers and the majority of the population do not want it.

All popular forces must support that Denmark does not vote for a new Union treaty in Nice because the Danish people has voted against more Union.

The Denmark of the future: Outside the EU

It is attempted to pack away the whole Union development by describing it with phrases like “the peace project” and “the incorporation of the Eastern European countries into the EU for the sake of the populations living in these countries”.

But to the European working class, the reality of the EU has been a strengthening of the monopolies at the expense of the workers. It has meant privatisation, increased rate of work and the dismantling of collective rights and the welfare society.

Within the next years there will come more Union, more centralisation. There exist plans for changing the treaties to a real federal constitution within five years. Then the United States of Europe will be a reality, a state suppressing the social rights and democracy, a state with its own military, tax collection and EU nationalism, trying to play the role as superpower towards the rest of the world.

Therefore, we are already now seeing the Union supporters preparing for the crucial referendum that shall put an end to all the provisos and finally integrate Denmark into both the euro, the Union army and the Union state.

If Denmark shall be able to refuse more Union, there is only one answer: We must get out of the EU! Denmark cannot put the brake on the Union roulette, but it can say yes to become an independent country again.

What do we win outside the EU? We win the right to welfare and the possibility of negotiating solidarily and equally with the peoples in Eastern Europe and in the developing countries. We win the freedom of saying no to lots of stupid and disagreeable EU rules and the possibility of fighting for workers’ rights. We win the possibility of getting democracy and the right of making equal agreements on trade, culture and peace with our neighbouring countries, with the European as well as the poor countries. We win the freedom from the endless Union screw and regain the national independence.

It is not at all unrealistic, and in the course of time other EU countries will undoubtedly accompany us.

In October, an opinion poll showed that 46 percent of the voters are fundamentally against the EU-membership. This many would vote no, if there were a referendum on the Danish EU-membership now.

A referendum on the EU-membership can be won!

To all no-voters, the position must be clear: If the government defies the no of the September 28 referendum and signs the Nice Treaty, all no-forces must unite in demanding a referendum on that treaty.

No to more Union – the Nice Treaty must be dropped!

Stopping the Union can only become reality when Denmark is out of the EU.

Copenhagen, October 24, 2000

Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

Kommunistisk Politik, No. 22, October 28, 2000


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