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Condemn Israel’s criminal attack on Jenin!

By Workers’ Communist Party, APK, Denmark

Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people

APK expresses its full solidarity with the heroic struggling of Palestinian people. We strongly condemn and abhor apartheid Israel’s latest criminal attack against Jenin and the refugee camp. It is a violent military attack and massacre in the long series of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people with continued ethnic cleansing and subjugation of ever larger areas of land.

Israel has not been able to eliminate the growing Palestinian resistance to Israel’s occupation and theft of Palestinian land. A new combative youth, despite repeated invasions, is taking up the struggle against the occupation. Therefore, on Monday morning the 3.of July , Israel carried out a new military assault on the Jenin refugee camp, unprecedented in more than 20 years.

The refugee camp was surrounded with over 100 armored vehicles, so that no one could escape. Bulldozers were driven in along with military jeeps and 1000 Israeli soldiers. From the air, aeroplanes and drones bombed streets and houses. This resulted in the killing of more than 9 Palestinians and the arrest of dozens of others.

The Israeli government is driven by its need to satisfy the bloodlust of illegal settlers and driven by revenge for Palestinians resisting occupation and land theft, not least in Jenin refugee camp.

In Denmark, we see a Danish government that unconditionally supports apartheid Israel without consequences for the apartheid state’s long-standing illegal and criminal actions. On the contrary, the government and parliamentary majority undermine the international movement for a boycott of apartheid Israel in the worst way by purchasing Israeli Elbit military equipment.

The latest Israeli attack will increase Palestinian anger even more against the Israeli occupation. We and the freedom-loving people of the world will raise their voice in even greater international solidarity with the struggling Palestinian people for their legitimate national rights for a Free Palestine.

Solidarity with the struggling Palestinian people!

Boycott Israel – Stop the arms trade with Israel

Free Palestine!

4. juli 2023
APK, The Communist Party of Labor, Denmark

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