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Communique from the third congress of The Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark APK

The 3rd Congress of Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne (Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark) successfully held in Copenhagen, concluding December 10 th 2006.

The Congress listened to, discussed and endorsed the report on the work of the Central Committee, presented by the Party chairman Dorte Grenaa, and several other reports drawing the balance of the work of the Party through 3½ years since the 2nd Congress in May 2003.

The Congress adopted the resolutions ‘Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne and its tasks’, ‘Resolution on the Tasks of the The Class Struggle’, ‘Statement on The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations’, and some other statements and greetings.

The 3rd Congress was greeted by the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Partiers and Organisations and several Marxist-Leninist Communist Parties.

The Congress stressed that the resistance must be strengthened against the Danish participation in the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , promoted by the criminal Fogh government. It remains a major task to bring the troops of occupation back to Denmark . A clear majority of the Danes demand this now. The Fogh-government, a close ally of Bush and Blair, is rapidly loosing support. A great mass movement, especially promoted by the youth and its organisations, has developed against the neoliberal offensive of the Fogh-government and its parliamentary deals with the opposition, headed by the Social Democrats. May 17th 2006 saw the biggest national protests for several decades, and during the autumm major struggles against social cutbacks, that mobilised entire cities in strikes and protests under the slogan ‘Welfare for everyone’ were seen.

The development of these great mass movements and their radicalisation have been at the center of the attention and work of the APK since the 2nd Congress – and the Party has played an important role in these developments.

Since 9/11 2001 a new young generation has come forward in the struggle against war, the building of the reactionary and neoliberal European Union and the attacks by the monopolies and their state on the social and political rights, won in hard class struggle.

The 3 rd Congress laid down the task to further develop these movements, but also systematically and more extensively to spread scientific socialism among the present youth, especially the working class youth, and to win it for communism.

These years have also shown the international character of the struggle against imperialism, war, fascism and neoliberal reaction. APK considers the building of a global people’s front against imperialism to be of great urgency to defeat the hegemonic plans of imperialism, with US imperialism at the head, and to mobilise the international working class and peoples in defence of their rights, national sovereignty and social progress.

The resolution on the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations, of which APK is a member, stressed the belief of our Party in the great role in the present day revolutionary processes in the world, played by the Conference, the need to extend its influence on a global scale, and the special task of our Party to make its stands and documents known to the Danish working class and people.
The Greeting to the Congress by the Conference was received with enthusiasm by the delegates.

The Congress elected the new Central Committee and Control Commission.

December 20 th 2006



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