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is the international bulletin of the Workers' Communist Party of Denmark (APK).
It includes selected articles from Kommunistisk Politik - the monthly central organ of the APK. (KP, Communist Policy. pdf-edition)

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Greetings to  CIPOML: 6th Congress of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark APK

The 6th Congress of APK, held in Copenhagen May 2015, sends its militant revolutionary greetings to the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations and our brother/sister organizations in all continents, struggling for a better future for the workers and the peoples, for revolution and socialism.

Our 6. Congress was held in a spirit of revolutionary optimism and  of unity with a clear understanding that the class struggle will be intensified during the next years, nationally and internationally.

On June 18th there will be national parliamentariy elections in Denmark. APK calls for a blank vote.

Website of the Congress in Danish


A United and Solidarity Future:
A progressive asylum, refugee, immigration policy


Refugees can only be supported in their own land or close to it if the imperialist wars and destabilisation are stopped. Peace, reconstruction, jobs and development are the only things that can end the flood of millions refugees and put an end to this human tragedy.

The European Union’s (EU) exterior borders are studded with barbed wire, walls, mines and electronic surveillance.  The Mediterranean is transformed into the world’s most dangerous border crossing, into a massive grave for asylum seekers and refugees from war.

This platform was worked out in the first half of 2015 in connection with APK’s 6th congress and confirmed at the congress, held May 22-24, 2015.  



Comrade Frede Klitgård 1923-2015 - Hero of the Danish resistance, staunch Marxist-Leninist

Comrade Frede Klitgård, hero of the national resistance, former chairman of the largest organizations of veterans from the Danish resistance movement and former chairman of the People’s Movement Against Nazism died on June 5th 2015, 92 years old. To the end he was an active member of the Workers' Communist Party of Denmark APK and the editor of the antifascist magazine Håndslag.

The role of the youth in “the Competition State” and the ideological offensive against the youth

By Dorte Grenaa

Article for the preparation of the 6th Congress of APK, spring 2015
Unity&Struggle #29

Unity&Struggle #29, 2015 in english (pdf)

More issues of Unity&Struggle in English and Spanish





ICMLPO/CIPOML - Istanbul november 2014

Twenty years on the road of struggle and unity for the Revolution and Socialism

The International Situation and the Tasks of the Proletarian Revolutionaries

Support the resistance in Kobane, support the liberation struggle of the peoples

Resolution of Solidarity with the People of Haiti

20 Years of Unity and Struggle for the Revolution and Socialism
Unity&Struggle (pdf)

From Unity&Struggle #28, 2014

The Peoples Movement Against the European Union in Denmark

After the elections to the EU-parliament the proces of formation of the 'United States of Europe' will be the focus of the power elite. In Denmark the Peoples Movement Against the European Union is a consistent force in the resistance to the European Union at its supra state. It represents the struggle of the broad masses to stop the neoliberal EU - and make Denmark leave the union.
By Klaus Riis

Workers Communist Party of Denmark, APK



Video: Struggles of the Danish youth
Presentation for the International Antifascist and Anti-imperialist Youth Camp August 2-10, 2014, Izmir, Turkey

Video made by the Danish participants in the camp in collaboration with KPnetTV
With English speak and subtitles App. 15 minutes

Where do you go in Gaza? (Poem)
By Kristian Dalgaard - KPnetBlogs July 27th 2014

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Human chain in Fælledparken, Copenhagen Juli 24th
Video from KPnetTV

A Border Story

A travel tale from Mexico by Dorte Grenaa
Counterpunch June 20-22nd 2014

The Workers Commmunist Party of Denmark (APK) on the EU elections

May 27th , 2014

No to the Anti-Social, Anti-Democratic and Militarist European Union
Regional conference of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)
Germany April 2014

May 1st 2014 in Copenhagen: Against austerity reforms and the European Union

A report and a video from KPnetTV on May 1st, 2014, from the scene of ‘The Red Square’ in Fælledparken, Copenhagen, organized by the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark APK a.o.

On May 25 there will be elections to the so-called European Parliament.

The Workers Communist Party APK supports the The Peoples Movement against the EU -  Folkebevægelsen mod EU - of which it is one of the collective members. On the same day there will be a referendum about whether Denmark should join the Unified Patent Court of the EU. The APK supports the NO-vote.




Greetings to the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Mexico (marxist-leninist)
November 28th , 2013


Final Resolution of the 19th Plenary of the ICMLPO
Ecuador October 2013


Mohamed Brahmi
May 5th 1955 - July 25th 2013


The Workers' Party of Tunisia: Statement
July 25th, 2013

The Popular Front of Tunisia: Statement
July 25th, 2013


Video from KPnetTV

More Danish Solidarity with Turkish protesters
June 8th 2013


On June 8 in Denamrk there where once again acts of solidarity with Turkish protesters.
Both in Copenhagen where a mini 'Gezi-park' was created and in Odense where a demonstration took place.

Video from KPnetTV

Danish solidarity with Turkish protesters

June 2nd 2013

As in so many other countries around the world there have been acts of solidarity with Turkish protesters in Denmark.
For the second day in a row such an act was held on the Copenhagen town hall square


Video from KPnetTV: World reports

Interview with struggling Greek teacher Marios
May 20th 2013

Interview with Marios, a Greek teacher organized in the teachers union OLME (English, app. 12 minutes)
Like so many other workers and groups in Greece the teachers are under severe attacks from the government and the Trojka.
During the lasts months the Danish teachers have been equally under heavy attacks due to the neoliberal policy of the socialdemocratic led Danish government.
As neoliberalism takes new harsh steps forward under the capitalist crises the peoples around Europe fight back.


Video from KPnetTV

May 1st in the Red Square, Faelledparken, Copenhagen

Speeches and interviews in Danish (app. 10 minutes)

In Denmark the international workers' day turned into a mass protest against the 'center-left'-government led by the social democrat Helle Thorning Schmidt who was booed all the way through her attempt to speak in the city of Aarhus. In Faelledparken the reception of ministers and the mayor of Copenhagfen was the same. Litterally the participants turned their bavk to the government

On April 27th the government with the votes of the entire right opposition votes to end the lockout of the teachers, dictating to them the demands of their counterpart. The teachers never bent to the four week long lockout - and on May 1st they spearheaded the mass protests against the government.

These events were recorded by KPnetTV in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. You can find links in the textbox of this video from Faelledparken Copenhagen, recording the manifestation of APK - the Workers' Communist Party - on the part of the park called The Red Sqare (Den Røde Plads)

Among the speakers are Ane Søegaard, chairman of the teachers of Frederiksberg, Copenhagen; Jesper Morville, the People's Movement Against the European Union; Ebbe Riis Klausen APK; Høgni and Brian, two veterans from Afghanistan against the wars, calling NATO a terrorist organisation'; and Martin Alexandersen of the student organisatgion PLS.

You will also hear some progressive bands - and see views of the entire Faelledparken where all May Day manifestations in Copenhagen end.


Braving The Lockout: The Danish Teachers Fight Back
April 11th 2013


Video from KPnetTV (With English Subtitles):
Two Danish veterans speak out against the wars

April 4th 2013

Two Danish war veterans are speaking out against war, NATO, as well as other political and military issues.
Choose English subtitles (in the menu below the video)



Political statement of the 5th Congres of APK
May 17-19th 2012

The Criminal, Inhumane, Warmongering, and Illegal Sanctions on Iran
Statement by the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan), January 23rd