The 7th Congress of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark APK has been succesfully completed and sends its fervent Marxist-Leninist revolutionary greetings to CIPOML and all its sister parties.

The Congress took place in a situation where all the public employees have been on the barricades of class struggle fighting cut backs and demands from the employers of this sector that workings hours should be increased for a lesser pay. Hundred of thousands have been in the streets to defend their rights and to counter the new systematic attacks on the working conditions and on the publics sector in general. At present the employees of the trade unions of the public sector are voting about their labour contracts for the next three years.

This great mass struggle has taught a new generation of working people the strength of solidarity and united trade union struggle. The public employees have had the support of the workers in the private sector as well, demonstrating that the class struggle of the workers’ and the working people against the capitalists and the capitalist state is very much alive, contrary to the bourgeois propaganda. This struggle followed the militant struggles in 2017 by workers of the private sector.

In many areas the struggle of the working class and its allies has been intensified. This is also true of the struggle against the integration into the neoliberal European Union in still more fields, that has finally eliminated the so called Nordic wellfare state.

Also the struggle against the militarisation and war preparations of the Nordic countries has been intensified – from Greenland and Iceland to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland – that are organised by the United States and the aggressive imperialist NATO military alliance. Denmark and the Nordic countries are no force for peace, but caught up on the side of the US in its intensified imperialist rivalry that is turning the Arctic and the Baltic Ocean to an area of conflict and preparation for large scale war. The movement for peace is strengthened in all the countries and coordinated on a regional level.

Our Party has been active in all these class struggles, playing a postive and visible role. During the three years since the last Congress it has strengthened its positions in the working class and among the people. It has somewhat increased its ranks and extended its organisation. APK meets the challenges of the next Congress period with confidence and in a militant spirit for new advances in the areas defined by the Congress.

The Congres took new and important steps proces to bring a new generation of younger cadres educated as Marxist-Leninist leaders forward in the leadership of the party.

The 7th Congress unanimously approved the report of the Central Commitee and elected the new Party leadership. It also approved the work of the Party in regard to the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations, including the hosting of the world conference in 2016 in Denmark, and pledged to continue and increase its work to strenghten the influence of the Conference in Denmark and all the Nordic countries.

From the Congress we – the Danish Marxist-Leninists – send our warm revolutionary greetings to the Interational Conference and all its member parties, our sister parties, wishing the Conference and all its parties new advances in their revolutionary work, so necessary for the future of mankind. We pledge to strive to fulfill our duties as the Danish member for the Conference.




Copenhagen May 2018

Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark APK


Denmark Is Going to Participate in Criminal War Against Iraq – No to Danish War Participation!

Statement of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK), November 20, 2002

Today’s decision of the Fogh Rasmussen government and the majority of the national parliament on Danish war participation in a new war against Iraq makes them accomplices in crime against the Iraqi people and humanity, regardless of whether the war will be waged with UN sanction or not. And the decision on going to war opens up for Danish participation in both cases.

The huge majority of the Danish population is against Bush’s planned war, and the war policy of Fogh Rasmussen and the majority of the national parliament must be condemned and combated. Bush’s war is an imperialist war; a war about oil and getting control of the Middle East, a war that will have catastrophic consequences for the Iraqi and Palestinian people and set the whole region on fire.

The Danish decision is deeply reactionary and makes Denmark accomplice in continuing and extending the genocide of the Iraqi people, the result of the US-forced UN sanctions which have been in effect since the end of the First Gulf War. More than one million Iraqis, half a million of them children, are dead due to the sanctions.

The APK calls on the Danish people to make extensive protests against the decision of Danish war participation and to fight it with every available means, including civil disobedience.

The Danish government and the majority of the national parliament are doing the job of the lackey and executioner’s assistant. But the Danish people do not want to participate in that!

The Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

“Terror War” – No!

People! Be on the alert!
Julius Futsjik

The world’s political climate was changed at a stroke when suicide pilots crashed into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
The US government has sworn revenge and retaliation, and declared “world war against terrorism”. In 24 hours, the NATO countries had rallied round the US, and the world is now waiting for the war.
The psychological preparations for war are in full swing, in the US, and in all the NATO countries, including Denmark. And the practical preparations for war have started, in the US, and in all the NATO countries, including Denmark.

US imperialism has committed monstrous crimes against the peoples and has millions of lives on its conscience. Especially in the Middle East, the hatred of the US is immense. What happened on September 11 was, most likely, an action and part of a real and constant war, which especially the US and Israel have been waging against the Arab and Muslim peoples, and was carried out by people who are waging “holy war” against the US. Neither the methods nor the objective of these people have the support of the working class and the peoples, and do not lead to advance their struggle for social progress and national independence.
Instead, the suicide bombings in the US serve to strengthen the political positions of reaction, to undermine the democratic rights and promote the fascization not only of the US, but of all Western societies, too. They give imperialism and reaction a pretext for leading the world into a permanent, reactionary, dividing, global aggression, which can soon make the lost human lives in the US look minor.

It is a deadly serious situation, and everybody must be on the alert – on top alert: The natural compassion with the victims in the US is being used to drag the peoples into a master war in which all countries of the world can become theatres of war, a war headed by George Bush’s US to whom a carte blanche of war has been given by the NATO countries, including Denmark. With this, Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen has in reality handed over the sovereignty of Denmark to the Americans.
For the first time, the Article 5 of the Washington Treaty is used – the “one for all and all for one” article. This happens contrary to international law, which implies that there must be an aggressor state for a situation of war to exist.
Bush and Co. chooses to wage “terror war” instead of trying to bring the culprits to justice, as would have happened in an international community founded on the rule of law. The charge, verdict and executioning function are all in the hands of the same political and military power.

What kind of war is the US, heavily seconded by Israel, setting the stage for? The war is being pictured as a “global war against terrorism”, as “the war of Western civilisation against its enemies” (with Christian and Zionist fundamentalist overtones), and as “democracy’s fight against dictatorships, terror states and religious fanaticism”.

George Bush has declared “the US will not distinguish between terrorists and countries harbouring them”. US politicians and military people have not only mentioned Afghanistan as a possible target, but also Iraq, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Cuba – and China! This looks more like “the war of the West against the Third World”, the war of the rich countries against the poor countries. It will give the aggressive Israel a free hand to continue its criminal occupation of Palestine, to make it permanent, and to continue the ethnic cleansing of a whole people. Officially, Israel regards the Palestinian organizations as ” terrorist organizations” and sees every Palestinian infant as a potential terrorist.

In the words of Bush lies that tomorrow the war can begin against Osama Bin Laden and Afghanistan, and the day after tomorrow continue against Iraq, or Libya or Cuba, and later on against China.
In the words of Bush lies that it will be a long-standing, Western battlefield, a period of many warm wars and military operations and a continuing “fight against terrorist groups” – a period of permanent “world war against terrorism”.

It is not a plan for justice, peace and prosperity. It is the draft of a nightmare for humanity, simply a draft of world war.

Maybe Osama Bin Laden and his fundamentalist network are behind the bombings in New York and Washington. The US and the CIA know him and his methods very well: They have created, financed and armed him themselves during the invasion of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union.

The major part of the Muslim and Arab world denounces Bin Laden and his methods, denounces extremist Muslim fundamentalism. But with the introduction of the “global war against terrorism”, the stage is being set for a racial and religious war, which will create hatred of all Arabs and Muslims.

The victims in the Middle East, Asia and in the Third World will be enormous. The victims in the Western world, also victims of acts of terror whose possibility can never be eliminated, no matter the high-tech weapons and control measures being used, will be considerable. And the world will be plunged into a state of permanent horror and terror.
Comprehensive control and surveillance programmes will replace the democratic rights, which have been won in the Western countries. And the charge of terrorism will be extended to apply to all workers struggling for their rights, to all forces who fight imperialism and capitalism, all revolutionaries and progressive people, organizations and movements.
Unrestrained rearmament, the implementation of the star war project, increased militarization and extended police programmes are on the immediate agenda.

The whole world capitalist system – and there do not exist any truly socialist countries in today’s world – is on the way to a bigger crisis, a capitalist world crisis. Globalisation, which has very quickly spread mass misery around the world with more than two billion people living for less than two dollars a day, is in crisis because of the resistance of the workers and peoples. In one country after another, mass protests and mass struggles are developing against the ruling order that is being dictated by the US and its allies, by the IMF and the World Bank, by the EU, etc. Even in the rich world, strong, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movements are developing. Revolutionary situations are arising on all continents.
The “global war against terrorism” is meant to suppress this revolutionary storm in its beginning, to consolidate the ruling order, to consolidate the status of the US as the dominant global superpower, and ensure the multinationals’ eternal exploitation of the workers, the peoples and the riches in all countries.

People! Be on the alert!
Reject the war project of US imperialism and NATO!

Working people and all progressive people in Denmark:
Stop the Danish participation in the criminal adventure!

September 13, 2001

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

The Danish People Must Break with Israel

The nefarious and cowardly terrorist murder of Abu Ali Mustafa, general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the escalating and massive attacks on the Palestinian territories, the seizure of the full control with the whole of Jerusalem and the barbaric economic strangulation of the Palestinians, who are left without water, medicine, etc., show that Israel has not accepted and will not accept that the Palestinians build a viable and independent state. Sharon’s military and economic aggression expresses that Israel has been pretending to negotiate “peace”.

The “peace process” has been killed by Sharon and his government and by the Israeli army using advanced weapons delivered by the US.
The Israeli aggression has been taking place under the shelter of the US superpower, which has tacitly approved and accepted it, thereby contributing to a steady escalating aggression, which is increasing the tension in all the Middle East and threatening to throw the whole area into a new war.

The barbaric Israeli repression has not, however, resulted in the resignation of the Palestinian resistance. The Palestinians are fighting for their survival as a people and as a nation, while Israel is carrying out the biggest ethnic cleansing since the Second World War. They are waging a desperate battle with stones and suicide bombs against a tremendously superior, high-tech military power.

On September 28, the present Intifada has been ongoing for one year, and it has become more and more obvious to the peoples of the world that the Palestinians are fighting for a just cause, while Israel, contrary to international law and UN resolutions, will hinder that the Palestinians get their legitimate, national and democratic rights fulfilled.

It is about time that the Palestinians see that the increasing worldwide sympathy grows into a concrete support to their Intifada and their just struggle. If the Danish government does not want to break with Israel, then the Danish people must do it.

In Denmark, as well as all over the world, a powerful solidarity movement with the Palestinian people is developing, basing itself on the following demands:

Stop the massacre in Palestine – support the Intifada!

Immediate withdrawal of the Zionist occupying forces!

For the right of return for all Palestinian refugees!

For the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people, including the right to the creation of an independent and sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital!

Boycott Israeli goods and tourism!

The Danish people supported the Jews against the Nazi persecution. Today’s solidarity movement is turning against a new genocide, committed by the aggressive Israeli state.

August 28, 2001

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

The Nice Treaty Is Dead – the Ratification Process Must Stop!

The No of the Irish people to the Nice Treaty means that this treaty is dead. The Irish people is the only people of the EU countries who has had the opportunity to vote on it – and they rejected it. They said No to the actual transformation of the EU into a federal state, No to increased power to the big countries at the expense of the small ones, No to loss of sovereignty, and No to the militarisation of the EU and its becoming an imperialist superpower.

According to the EU treaties, EU legislation and international law, this means that the Irish government cannot sign the Nice Treaty. But it also means that the process of ratification in all the other countries has to stop. The No is not an Irish problem, but a problem of the EU. The Irish people has performed its democratic right to say No, and everybody is obliged to respect that.

With tremendous arrogance, the Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson, present Chairman of the European Council, and the Chairman of the European Commission Romano Prodi, refused to respect and adhere to the Irish No. On the contrary, they have called for “doing a Denmark” on Ireland. That is to force the Irish people to vote again, to vote on a “Nice 2” that does not change a single word in the “Nice 1” they have already rejected, a “Nice 2” furnished with some protocols and declarations about Ireland – just as it happened when Denmark rejected the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. With enormous contempt for the democratic process, and even the laws of the EU itself, the foreign ministers of the EU countries have also concurred in this at their meeting in Luxembourg, and proclaimed that the Nice Treaty will be signed by everybody, as planned, before the end of 2002!

The formula of “democracy” of the EU is “Vote Yes – Or Vote Again!”. This is another proof of its anti-popular and anti-democratic nature, that the EU is the Union of the monopolies and not the project of the European peoples.

The Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK) appeals to the Danish government and the Danish parliament to adhere to democracy and stop the process of ratification – and it appeals to the strong Danish movement against the EU to take steps to secure that this happens. If not, a referendum on the Nice Treaty must be held in Denmark, too.

We also appeal to all democrats and critics of the EU – outside and inside the EU – to put pressure on their governments and the EU in order to stop the ratification process, respecting the No of the Irish people.

The Irish people are not only speaking on behalf of themselves, but on behalf of all European opponents of the Nice Treaty. A Danish referendum, which until now has been refused, would most likely result in another No.

No to the Europe of the Monopolies!

June 13, 2001

Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark

Statement of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK) on May Day 2001 A World on the Road to Rebellion

More than one decade of unrestrained neoliberalism for the benefit of imperialism, the monopolies and multinationals and their profits bears its own bitter fruit:
One third of the world’s population, more than two billion people, are “surviving” for less than two dollars a day. On the other hand, the three richest persons in the world own more than does half of the world’s population all together. The absolute distress and misery on a mass scale has never been bigger, or affected as many people, as in the twenty-first century, where all the possibilities of a good life for all people are present.
Dark reaction is ruling. During the reign of George Bush, the US has reinforced its fight for absolute world hegemony: With the so-called missile defence shield, the US will be able to “win” a nuclear war and get a real nuclear weapon monopoly. In order to open up all boundaries to the multinationals, the US has intensified its course of confrontation with the peoples.
At the same time, the world-wide economic crisis, which began in East Asia in 1997, is deepening. It is now affecting the US and is starting to do damages everywhere. The ruling classes in all countries know only one way out of the crisis: to throw the burdens on the shoulders of the working people and seek their way out by rearmament, confrontation, and perhaps war. The EU and Denmark are on the way to recession, too.
The workers and peoples of the world have only one thing to do: to rise against the ruling and their policy.
Look at Turkey, for example: Millions of workers have risen in protest against the policy of reduction, which has been forced on them by the IMF. In the prisons, political prisoners are making hunger-strikes until death. The Kurdish people is being repressed, and the Kurdish question is not being solved. Turkey is in a deep crisis, which can lead to mass uprisings. Or take a look at Ecuador where the Ecuadorian people, two times within one year, has risen against the government and the dollarisation, which is impoverishing the population.
The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), a pendant to the “internal market” of the EU, will increase the American exploitation of the rest of the continent, which is in revolt. Or let us go to Palestine where the popular revolt, the intifada, has again burst into flame, protesting Israel’s brutal military repression, which is being backed by the US.
The world is on the road to rebellion against the dictates and real dictatorship of the monopolies. The revolutions are on the way. The big anti-globalisation demonstrations, from Seattle and Nice to Quebec, are just the smoke of a vulcano, which is about to erupt.
In Denmark, we are facing a final battle on the future of the country: as a part of the EU, the federal state with its own constitution ready in 2004, or as a sovereign and independent country outside the EU; as a part of an European super power, which, competing sharply with the US, is pushing the imperialist globalisation forward at the expense of the workers and peoples, or outside this project that only benefits the monopolies.
And the workers and the broad masses are standing in the midst of the struggle of defending hard-won rights that are being attacked by the EU and the monopolies.
Therefore, on this May Day 2001, we are making the following demands:

6 hours working day – 30 hours working week!
Away with flexible working hours – Move forward to the 30 hours working week with full salary and staff compensation!
Real jobs for everybody – Abolish forced labour for receiving social benefits!
Real equal pay, NOW!

No to the EU and the EU constitution – Denmark out of the EU!
No to racism and xenophobia – Ban on Nazism!
No to the US star war – Hands off Greenland!
Solidarity with Palestine – Strengthen international solidarity!

Socialism is the future!

Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

Kommunistisk Politik, No. 9 (special issue), May 1, 2001

Defend the No! No Nice Treaty! Nice Means More Union!

Three times, we Danes have voted no. Nevertheless, the government and the yes-parties are working intensely to defy the content of the no vote, paving the way for more Union with the upcoming Nice Treaty.

For the Nice Summit in December, the decision on the introduction of majority voting is being prepared. This means away with the right of veto and accepting interference in the fiscal and social policies of every single country. Also, there is scheduled more power to Germany and France due to the fact that they get more votes as the minor countries get fewer, and due to the accept of them running at full speed, making more Union in order to demand later that the rest of the EU follows them. The accept of interfering in the internal affairs of every single EU member state through the adoption of a Union charter is also on the agenda in Nice.

To the Union politicians, promises exist to be broken. Today, all parties of the Folketing (the national parliament) are involved in Denmark’s adjustment to the EU: The Socialist People’s Party is supporting the Nice mandate of the government, the Unity List (Red-Greens) is supporting the state budget for 2001, adapted to the demands of the EU, and Danish People’s Party will support a future openly bourgeois Union government.

Fundamentally speaking, the no of the September 28 referendum was a no to the Union slide – a no to more Union. It was a no to the abolition of the veto and the transition to majority decisions, a no to Union harmonization, also of fiscal, social and domestic policies.

It was a no to the “United States of Europe” with its own state, government, currency and military, and which is still under way, even though the Danish workers and the majority of the population do not want it.

All popular forces must support that Denmark does not vote for a new Union treaty in Nice because the Danish people has voted against more Union.

The Denmark of the future: Outside the EU

It is attempted to pack away the whole Union development by describing it with phrases like “the peace project” and “the incorporation of the Eastern European countries into the EU for the sake of the populations living in these countries”.

But to the European working class, the reality of the EU has been a strengthening of the monopolies at the expense of the workers. It has meant privatisation, increased rate of work and the dismantling of collective rights and the welfare society.

Within the next years there will come more Union, more centralisation. There exist plans for changing the treaties to a real federal constitution within five years. Then the United States of Europe will be a reality, a state suppressing the social rights and democracy, a state with its own military, tax collection and EU nationalism, trying to play the role as superpower towards the rest of the world.

Therefore, we are already now seeing the Union supporters preparing for the crucial referendum that shall put an end to all the provisos and finally integrate Denmark into both the euro, the Union army and the Union state.

If Denmark shall be able to refuse more Union, there is only one answer: We must get out of the EU! Denmark cannot put the brake on the Union roulette, but it can say yes to become an independent country again.

What do we win outside the EU? We win the right to welfare and the possibility of negotiating solidarily and equally with the peoples in Eastern Europe and in the developing countries. We win the freedom of saying no to lots of stupid and disagreeable EU rules and the possibility of fighting for workers’ rights. We win the possibility of getting democracy and the right of making equal agreements on trade, culture and peace with our neighbouring countries, with the European as well as the poor countries. We win the freedom from the endless Union screw and regain the national independence.

It is not at all unrealistic, and in the course of time other EU countries will undoubtedly accompany us.

In October, an opinion poll showed that 46 percent of the voters are fundamentally against the EU-membership. This many would vote no, if there were a referendum on the Danish EU-membership now.

A referendum on the EU-membership can be won!

To all no-voters, the position must be clear: If the government defies the no of the September 28 referendum and signs the Nice Treaty, all no-forces must unite in demanding a referendum on that treaty.

No to more Union – the Nice Treaty must be dropped!

Stopping the Union can only become reality when Denmark is out of the EU.

Copenhagen, October 24, 2000

Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

Kommunistisk Politik, No. 22, October 28, 2000


The Danish No to the Euro – a Victory for the Working Class and the People

The referendum about Danish adoption of the Euro and removal of the national currency, the krone, ended in a resounding victory for the No. It was a No to the dissolution of Denmark as an independent currency nation – a major symbol of one of the constituting factors of a nation.

And it was a definite No also to closer integration into the European Union and its course towards a supranational state in whatever form, a No to any kind of “United States of Europe”.

With 53.1 pct. voting No and 46.9 pct. voting yes and a record-like turnout of 87 percent of all voters, this was an even more clear-cut decision than the No to the Maastricht Treaty in 1992.

The Danish bourgeoisie and its social supporters almost to a man recommended a Yes-vote. The social democratic led coalition government and the official opposition of the main conservative and liberal parties led a co-ordinated campaign in favour of a yes. The state propaganda was in favour of a yes. The employers’ organisations and the entire social democratic leadership of the trade unions (with the exception of a few minor trade unions) carried out a co-ordinated campaign for the Euro. The Yes-side controlled the mass media and spent millions of kroner (five times as much as the No-side) on advertisements and propaganda for a Yes.

The Yes-campaign was a horrendous mix of threats, promises, false “guaranties”, insults and intimidations of the No-side. They threatened that the Danes in case of a No would lose their home, work and bread!

In spite of this the result was an overwhelming No, reflecting the true interests of the Danish working class and people. Being the project of big capital, of monopoly capital, to advance profits and create a new imperialist European superpower, competing with the USA, less than one third of the population, with the working class as its core, has any objective interest in this project. On the contrary: “United Europe” is against the interests of the workers and the people. In the period of Danish membership, which has included adaptation of the convergence demands of the Maastricht Treaty, the Danes have seen a growth in mass unemployment, privatisation of great parts of the public sector, reduced social welfare and constant attacks on the hard-won rights of the workers. Schools, educational centres, kindergartens and health services have been cut back to a lower standard. The so-called Nordic welfare-model has been changed beyond recognition.

The EU sanctions against Austria, that showed the interference in the autonomy of a sovereign nation, also assisted the NO-campaign in a small country like Denmark that has always fought the domination of greater neighbouring powers like Germany, the main force in the Union of the monopolies. Of big importance for the strong NO were also the crises of the Euro, the demonstration of the weakness of this currency and its factual devaluation.

This is speeding up the process of building the Union State and stimulates so-called reforms to harmonise social legislation, finances, taxes, labour market and so on. In advance the Danes voted against the upcoming Nice-treaty, that is going to remove the unanimity principal in favour of majority decisions, and the expected “reforms”.

The referendum confirmed all the existing Danish “exceptions” (of which non-participation in the Euro and the third phase of the Economic Monetary Union was one) to the Maastricht Treaty, including the not joining of the “European army”, that is going to be ready in 2003. Had the rulers won this election, there would have been held a new referendum in a short time to remove the three other exceptions.

Pursuing their own class interests the bourgeois media presents the result of the referendum as a victory of the Right, and as a nationalist and chauvinist No. This is a major distortion. All the parties to the left of Social Democracy, including small revisionist parties, have constant advocated a No. The small so-called Christian Peoples’ Party, a small party of the “Centre”, which had a couple of ministers in the previous bourgeois government of Poul Schlüter, which preceded the present government of Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, also advocated a No. The populist right-wing party Danish Peoples’ Party with less than ten percent of the voters was presented as the leading advocate of a No, which is a total falsification. In the political sense, a great range of forces represents the No, covering the entire political spectrum. Among the major political forces are the two Danish No-movements – the Peoples’ Movement against the European Union (created as a broad social and political front organisation already before Danish entry into EU in 1972) and the June Movement, which are represented in the European parliament with 25 percent of the Danish votes, but not running for representation in the Danish parliament. They are supported by the Danish left and a great percentage of those voters that oppose the pro-Union stands of their parties. It is a fact that more than half of the social democratic voters voted against the massive recommendation of a yes by the party and its leadership. The NO-movements rallied support behind the slogan: “Hold på kronen – Nej til Unionen”, rhyming in Danish: “Uphold the krone, No to the Union!”

The No, then, was the voice of the majority of the Danish workers, and of the popular social forces. A No from the working people in the cities and the countryside. Only in a few rich areas there were a majority of Yes-votes. All the big cities, the peninsula Jutland, traditional yes-territory, and the islands, Zealand with Copenhagen, and Funen with Odense, voted No.

The APK campaigned for a NO with the slogans: “If the workers vote No, Denmark shall vote No!” and “Stop the monopolies, the bureaucrats and the EU-politicians!”.

In fact the latter – the rulers – got a slap in the face by the people. Their unionist policies have been rejected. This is an important victory for the people in one battle – but the struggle around Danish membership of the European Union is far from finished. The krone is still closely tied to the Euro. The aim of the consistent opposition to the EU is to remove all ties to the Union, getting Denmark out of it.

Copenhagen, September 29, 2000

Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)